About the Director

Ernie Mosteller is best known as an accomplished commercial director who gets great performances from ordinary people, kids, and adult actors on behalf of major ad agencies and their clients.  His production company, Fried Okra Entertainment, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, is represented in New York, Washington DC, and Dallas .  A native of rural Florida, Ernie is a fan of both barbecue and the small-town South.  It was that combo that prompted his first stop at New Hope BBQ.

About The Editor

Highly sought veteran editor Jeff Sternberger is well known for his award-winning work on national and international commercials for many of the world’s biggest brands.  He is a founding partner of 2150 Editoral in Miami.  A longtime collaborator with Ernie Mosteller on commercial projects, Jeff instantly signed onto Faith Hope and BBQ as editor and collaborator upon hearing the background story of New Hope.